Emeishan International Hotel Musical Fountain

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Project Name: Emeishan International Musicl Fountain Show

Project Type: Medium Scale Musical Type Fountain Show

Project Fountain: More than 156 square meters

Project Location: Emeishan City, Sichuan Province, Mainland China

Supplier: Neijiang Longxin Fountain Co.,Ltd.

It is a length of 78 meters musical fountain , the it has a diameter of 12 meters and an outer diameter of 24 meters, Nearly 2200 sets of DMX512 lamps,  and over 900 a nozzles ,  fire jets used for this fountain and the music fountain is beautiful, light, color and shape. It is mainly used in large squares, theme parks, artificial lakes, playgrounds and other performance venues.

Emei mountain moon hotel was designed and installed by Neiiang Longxin Fountain Factory on 2017 on a good deal of 1,830,000 RMB (about 281,538 $). Emeishan city, named after the mountain, has a profound cultural heritage of the ancient Mount Emei. A world-class natural and cultural heritage element is to be found every corner in this city. It has the reputation of “buddhist paradise” and “Emei world show”, wherever there is mountain, there is always water, and in a waterscape, a fountain is a must. The fountain itself can be integrated into the surrounding environment. When the night comes, mount Emei’s returns to its original state Quiet and peaceful.

Post time: Nov-18-2020

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