Zunyi Lianhuashan Forest Park Musical Fountain

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Project Name: Zunyi Lianhuashan Forest Park Musical Fountain

Project Type: Large Musical Fountain Show

Project Fountain: 2400 Square Meters

Project Location: Lianhuashan, Zunyi City, Guizhou Province, Mainland China.

Supplier: Neijiang Longxin Fountain Co., Ltd

Musical fountain performance could command the the show of water spray and LED lights to make people feel enjoyable.

Lianhua Mountain Forest Park is a natural garden, in which the spring is full of mountains towering, lush vegetation, peaceful environment, mild climate. It is definitely an excellent place to go for spring break. In front of the recreational villa in the park, there is a musical fountain surrounded by green grass. Well-designed fountain nozzle with 360 degrees rotating movement. In additional to the variety of shapes of water column, it attracted many visitors. Music fountain is through the kaleidoscopic fountain modeling, combined with colorful lighting, to reflect the connotation and the theme of music. The water and the music worked together to show the tourist the best of this place.



Post time: Nov-19-2020

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