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Neijiang Longxin Fountain Factory is an authoritative, professional, and advanced enterprise with registered capital of RMB 26million. We specialize in fountain design, fountain installation, fountain debugging, fountain manufacture, fountain equipment maintenance, and more.

We have a wide range of fountain products, including music fountain, CNC fountain, jumping water fountain, dancing fountain show, laser water movie fountain, fire fountain, lake fountain,  cold mist fountain, Music Floor/Dry Fountain, Super-High Fountain, Waterfall Fountain, Multi-varied Fountain, and other exclusive products.

With the international first-class automation control technology, waterscape experimental base, and a dedicated team, we set up the industry standard of high quality in both waterscape fountain design and construction. Relying on these advantages, we are award-winning in the field of water landscape and water show.

Over the years, whether customers want fountain for city square, ecological park, theme park or fountain landscape, we have always offered customers a perfect waterscape wonder with its unparalleled creativity, unique design, and superb performance.

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