Baoji Xuanyuan Square Dry Musical Fountain Show

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Project Name: Baoji Xuanyuan Square Dry Musical Fountain Show

Project Type: Dry Musical Fountain Show

Project Fountain: 550 Square Meters

Project Location: Baoji City, Shanxi Province, Mainland China.

Supplier: Neijiang Longxin Fountain Co., Ltd

Dry fountain has higher security than ordinary fountain, which can provide more opportunities for visitors to play near water, people and water were truly play and dance together.


In Shaanxi Baoji Xuan yuan Shengshi Square, there is an outstanding dry-type music water fountain, it is rich in posture, covers a wide area. Even from the high mountains, you can see its charm far away and deeply fascinated by it. it has its own diversity, other than the typical music fountain and gorgeous lights, it also contains a hundred meters high spray, wave spring, jump jet spring. The fountain also has the conventional form and the phoenix tail form. When so many beautiful fountain patterns blend together, it doesn’t seem cluttered, but dazzling and impressive. It rises and falls regularly with the cheerful music, sometimes as low as flowers, sometimes as tall as a tree. From time to time, the water column jumps up and down joyfully, like a flower eager to bloom. It will gradually calm down with the rhythm of the music and become a glass light spring to form an arch. Spring jumping interspersed in the music of the light part could be really chilling and relaxing! it’s really an unforgettable fountain, it did not build for a long time but blossomed out of its unique beautiful charm!


Post time: Nov-19-2020

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