Cool and shocking! So beautiful! This Internet fashion music fountain, go viral on the internet, is here in Hainan!

On the evening of September 29, after more than two months of preparations for the LONGXIN fountain, the Hainan large-scale musical fountain water dance show, which was under intense construction for more than a month, was successfully tested after completion and commissioning.

On the evening of September 30, it will officially open! Our LONGXIN Fountain will witness the exciting moment together with you!

In order to celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the National Day in 2021 and the National Day holiday, and to provide the general public with high-grade visual and auditory enjoyment, Hainan goverment invited the well-known domestic company LONGXIN Fountain to design, construct and install the fountain through bidding. , Light, electricity, color, water, shadow and other technologies, organically integrate visual and auditory art, and combine the three chapters of “Cultural Ledong”, “Charming Ledong” and “Hospitable Ledong” to interpret the landscape of Ledong The charm and characteristics of Ledong show Ledong’s long history and culture and describe Ledong’s brilliant achievements since its establishment as a city.


“It’s time, the musical fountain is coming!” The crowd yelled happily. As soon as the voice fell, I saw the sound of melodious music in mid-air, the fountain “shook”, twisted the graceful dance to throw the spray everywhere, and the colorful lights shone on the spray from the river. Suddenly, the water column and splash of the fountain showed a variety of colors. Let the whole Hainan Ledong Changhuajiang be picturesque.

On the main viewing platform, the editor saw that streams of water rose from the surface of the river and went straight to the sky; lights came on from around the Changhua River, breaking through the night. The water column is sometimes high and low, sometimes left and right, changeable, and splashed in all directions; light sometimes bright and dark, sometimes flashing, colorful, dazzling, the perfect combination of light, light, sound, and water, indulgent interpretation.


The dreamlike rendering of the entire Hainan Ledong Changhua River made the people who came to watch the scene unceasingly exclaimed. It provides a perfect and beautiful visual feast for the general public. According to the person in charge of LONGXIN Fountain, the construction unit of the music fountain and water dance show, the overall area of Hainan Ledong Music Fountain is more than 2,000 square meters, 120 meters long and 18 meters wide. When the audience is watching the movie, the fan-shaped water curtain merges with the natural night sky. When the characters enter and exit the screen, it seems that the characters take off to the sky or descend from the sky, creating a sense of emptiness and dreaminess, which is fascinating.

The completion of the musical fountain has promoted the development and construction of local industries, adapted to the needs of the free trade port and the construction of the “Greater Sanya” tourist economic circle, and actively created unique industries for the vigorous development of tropical characteristic and high-efficiency agriculture, global tourism, and high-tech industries. A characteristic modern new tourist city and a new landmark. It will enhance the commercial and cultural value of Hainan Ledong, make Ledong a bright pearl in Hainan, and increase Ledong’s reputation in Hainan and even in China. There are more than a dozen new types of fountains currently developed by LONGXIN Fountain Company: musical fountain water dance show, laser show, water curtain movie, fire fountain, 100-meter high jet, gas cannon fountain, variable frequency magic running fountain, music Dry fountain, sound-controlled spring, fog forest system, glass light jumping spring, interesting spring, etc.


Post time: Sep-30-2021

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